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Storing Retainers In Style

Retainer cases—why do they need to be pretty? Well, once you’re past the middle school years of metal wires and rubberbands, you will find yourself wearing your gross crusty retainer every night until you drop dead. Anything to keep those pearly whites straight, amirite?

A dirty plastic teeth mold isn’t exactly what you want your late night rendezvous to see on your nightstand. Retainers always drip this nice little puddle of saliva, too, and that’s something I’d rather not see myself. You could always use those bright psychedelic cases but, really? Can we move on from the horrors of tweendom and at least hide our nasty retainers in a mature case?

I’m not the only who felt this way because there is now a beautifully subtle retainer case that is made of sleek bamboo but still water resistant. There isn’t much more to say about this. It’s affordable, high quality, and looks great on any nightstand or bathroom counter. It’s a no-brainer. Stop re-living your awkward teen years and get this retainer case today.

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