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BIssell SpotClean Pet Pro

Fur kids are messy—there’s no way around it. Just as you pass the finish line for housebreaking, sweet Bella suffers a bout of indigestion and vomits all over your brand new rug. As a pet parent, a cleaning strategy is a must.

I used to have all hard floors, and got by with paper towel and a pet enzyme cleaner like Nature’s Miracle Hard Floor Cleaner or OUT! Advanced Stain & Odor Remover. Then my work schedule changed, and my beloved “perfect dog” had a bout of separation of anxiety and peed. all. over. my. microfiber. couch.

While I attacked the couch with enzyme cleaner, the urine had clearly penetrated through the cushion and the lingering smell was rank. I finally resorted to soaking the cushions in a bath tub and drying with a hair dryer. While it got most (but not all) of the smell out, it ruined the fabric and made my “real adult” furniture look like curbside pickup.

Before I bought a new couch, I decided to prepare for the next pet mess. The best way to attack pet stains and odors in carpet or upholstered furniture is a wet vacuum. A wet vacuum douses the stain in water and stain remover, and then sucks the dirty water out. After extensive research, I settled on the Bissell Spotclean Pet Pro.


The selling point of the Pet Pro is its power—this device is pure magic. I have yet to encounter a stain or spot that this cannot remove. Now, stubborn spots may take several passes, but the Pet Pro does eventually get it all out. It applies powerful suction that can’t be replicated by hand. It has a 96 ounce tank, which has usually been too large for my use.


The mobility of this 13 pound device is thoughtfully designed. A 20-foot power cord and a 5-foot hose give it the portability and reach of a full-size steam cleaner. I have never needed an extension cord or hose gymnastics to use the Pet Pro in all the obscure corners my pets try to hide their pee or vomit.


Along with a 3″ standard type brush-and-suction wand, the Pet Pro comes with a unique Stain Trapper. This has a bigger suction head with a mini tank right on the head. Wben you have a stubborn stain in one spot, just place the Stain Trapper right on the area and press down until its all gone. The Stain Trapper also keeps highly pigmented or corrosive messes out of the machine. Unlock the Stain Trapper’s tank to empty separately.


The Pet Pro requires proprietary cleaners, such as Bissell Pet Spot & Stain. Technically there’s nothing stopping you from using your own cleaners, but it may be difficult to figure out the right dilution ratio for the unique 96 ounce tank.

Another issue is that pet hair continually gets stuck in the wand head. Even after disassembling the head, I had to fish into the clear plastic part with a wire to pull out hair strands—not a particularly pleasant experience.

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