A Dry Wash

Extend time between water-based cleansing or add some natural texture with waterless shampoo products.


Pretty Feet

Pretty feet aren't easy but they're definitely worth it.


A Big Puppy Heart

One of the world's most lovable dog breeds comes with a high propensity for heart disease. This is how we keep our dog's heart ticking.


Sudsy Scalps

Need a clean scalp but pretty sure you don't have actual dandruff? This one's for you!


Dyson Corrale Straightener

Dyson became famous for hair technology with its Supersonic hair dryer. Does the newest gadget live up to the hype?


Perky Peptides

Feed happy skin with the newest innovations in peptides a.k.a skin food.


Ta-Ta, Turkey Neck

The neck, much like the eye area, will age faster and more noticeably than the face or body. Thus, this specialized skin needs a bit of specialized care.


A Chromosomal Cocktail

The future is upon us: all you have to do is spit and mail to discover your medical and ancestral history.