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AllSpice Spice Rack

Spices are one of the hardest pantry items to keep neat and organized. Beginning home cooks are recommended to keep at least twenty-five “essential” spices​1​ in their kitchens. Can you imagine having twenty-five different vegetables, meats, or types of breads? There are a lot of spices to keep track of, and they all come in different types of containers, thereby increasing the visual clutter. At least canned good are fairly standardized in appearance.

While there are plenty of spice racks on the market, they’re either a mere shelf for spices in their ugly, original containers, or they’re snazzy custom racks that are unfortunately limited in capacity. Doing a quick inventory of spices, I realized I needed a rack that held over 30 spices.

Enter the AllSpice Spice Rack with a max capacity model holding a massive 60 spices. (For the less ambitious, they also have 12, 24, and 30 container models.) The shelf is made of gorgeous and real solid wood and comes with matching clear glass containers.

I chose the white model, but AllSpice comes in six other colors: oak, maple, cherry, walnut, black, and bamboo. I almost went with the cherry to match my deep knotty alder cabinets, but as I’d like to take this rack anywhere I might move, opted for the neutral instead.

Now let’s talk about the jars. I love that these are realistically sized. So many spice racks give you mini jars so you still have to keep half=empty plastic store containers. An AllSpice jar fits most standard spices, and they sell affordable replacement jars should one break.

Last, but not least, AllSpice does labels right. Other spice racks are so disappointing in this arena: most do not provide labels at all (novice cook here: you think I can tell one pile of dried green bits from another?). AllSpice provides a slew of preprinted labels as well as blank ones that you can print or draw on. And you can always buy more labels without buying another rack.

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