Ta-Ta, Turkey Neck

While we positively adore multi-tasking skincare. there are some areas that need a little extra TLC. The neck is one of those areas, as it naturally has less of the naturally protective skin factors, such as collagen, fat, and oil glands. The neck, much like the eye area, will age faster and more noticeably than the face or body. Thus, this specialized skin needs a bit of specialized care.

Strivectin TL Tightening Neck Cream Plus

One of the best-selling neck creams in the world, Strivectin is backed by years of positive reviews. Scientifically, it’s a bit difficult to say what makes Strivectin work, as the cream’s main ingredient is hidden beneath a proprietary trademark: Gravitite-CF Lifting Complex, which seems to some sort of peptide complex. In addition to its collagen and elastin boosting propreties, this cream strengthens the skin barrier through a patented version of niacinamide called NIA-114.

NIOD Neck Elasticity Catalyst

In line with most other neck creams on the market, this serum aims to boost collagen and elastin to visibly restore skin’s viscoelastic properties. Where this product stands out is in its preventative ingredients, anti-elastase and anti-progerin, that stops certain enzymes from breaking down existing elastin in the skin. And the further addition of caffeine and other stimulating ingredients help keep the neck area “active” so that folds and wrinkles do not settle and deepen.

THe Ordinary Argilerine 10% Solution

Also known as “liquid botox,” argilerine is a new player in the topical anti-wrinkle market. This unique peptide helps control excessive movement and folding on the forehead, neck, and mouth. Use every morning on dynamic expression areas on the face and then be patient—it takes at least six months to see visible results.

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