Narrow Lidded Basket

Sometimes you need a storage container for very specific contents in a very specific space. Those contents were my physical therapy tools such as a three foot long foam roller and an oversized yoga mat. As I use these items in my living room they needed to be stored in my living room, which was no easy feat.

There were exactly two places I could add a storage container. The first area was under my television console; it was soon apparent that a horizontal container wouldn’t accommodate both my foam roller and the small space under the console. The second area was a thin piece of wall under a painting and corner adjacent to a bookshelf. Any container would be partially covering the bookshelf, so it had to be of a narrow width. Lidded was preferred, so that the “ugly” contents would be hidden when not in use. And of course, it had to be exceptionally long to fit the foam roller.

I searched for months on end to find a container that fit all of these requirements. I even tried a very tall wicker wastebasket, but the foam roller was so long that it made the wastebasket tip over. And then, a new product popped up in an ad (thanks, creepy Google ad tracking), and it was the container I’d been searching for.

Dimensions? Check. Lid? Check. Unexpectedly beautiful grey wicker? Check. Now that this basket houses my tools conveniently and elegantly, I find myself using said tools much more often. The designers of the Aubrey Woven Oversized Lidded Basket probably never had foam rollers and yoga mats in mind, but if it works, it works.

What are your unique storage needs?

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